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Investing in REITs – A High Yield Investment

Investment Securities: Investing in REITs for Growth and Income

REITs own diversified portfolios of real estate investments in different sectors, including office buildings, apartments, shopping malls, hotels, health care facilities, theatres, self-storage facilities, and franchised locations of all types. REIT - The High Yield Investment REIT yields today are high, ranging from 3 -12% in the REITs included in the REIT Growth and Income Monitor. Unlike corporations, REITs are required to pay out 90% of their income in dividends to their stockholders. The earnings of the REIT itself are untaxed. There are some key tax advantages to owning REITs, from the point of view of an income investor.
What's New!

In the case of many REITs, a significant portion of the dividend may be classified as a return of capital or as a capital gain, which may be subject to a lower tax rate than ordinary interest and dividend income, such as interest earned from T-bills or dividends paid by publicly traded corporations. Of course, REITs are subject to the fundamentals of real estate investing. The value of their real estate investments will fluctuate as local markets grow and mature. Supply and demand for space affects the rents, which REITs are able to charge.

Key Drivers of REIT Valuation

Since a portion of their capital is raised from floating rate debt, increases and decreases in interest rates will have an affect on REIT earnings. In a period of economic retrenchment, REITs tend to be more stable than most corporations, as the rent is often the highest priority payment that would be made, even by a distressed tenant. For all of these reasons, fundamental variables must be weighed in the choice of REITs as growth and income vehicles. REIT Growth and Income Monitor provides a quick and easy tool to identify the best alternatives among the more than 100 publicly traded REITs.

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