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Brokers and analysts look to REIT Growth and Income Monitor for Real Estate investing information and analysis updated daily on more than 150 REITs. Click on Charts and Sector Comments for a free introduction to REIT investing. Refer your clients to our Individual investor area,an option for investors choosing to focus a portfolio completely within the REIT and income sectors and for those needing a how to invest in real estate.

Subscription Service for Institutional Investors

Monthly publication of REIT Growth and Income Monitor, a quick and easy tool comparing REITs on fundamental and valuation measures. BUY and SELL recommendations emailed to clients. Institutional Investors gain access to full database of company information through logon to

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Daily updating of data on more than 100 publicly traded REITs. Yields, rankings, valuation measures, description of assets, and key issues on each REIT.
Current BUY and SELL recommendations from REIT Growth and Income Monitor analysts, updated for the latest available information on REIT stocks and sectors.
REIT market capitalizations by sector. Average yields by REIT sector. Contrast sectors by size and income potential.
Commentary on REIT sectors. Discussion of fundamental and investment variables.

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